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Read the latest news releases about Mill-Rose Clean-Fit Products. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open PDFs. If you do not have the Reader you can to download and install it in a couple of minutes.

PDFMill-Rose Introduces Monster Wipes Industrial Towels for Messy Cleanups

PDFBlue Monster® OXY-Clutch Introduced for Critical Oxygen Service Sealing Applications

PDFEco-friendly Blue Monster® ZERO® VOC Thread Sealant is Ideal for Green Buildings and LEED Projects

PDFBlue Monster P/H/C Demonstration Videos Now Offered by Mill-Rose

PDFThe Mill-Rose Company Celebrates 100th Years of Growth & Innovation

PDFBlue Monster® Silver-Seal Thread Tape designed for Chrome, Stainless Steel & Nickel Decorative Finishes

PDFNew Blue Monster Arctic Armor Spray-on Thermal Shield Gel

PDFBrush Manufacturers and Suppliers Attend Mill-Rose 59th Annual Golf Tournament as Company Celebrates Centennial Anniversary

PDF Paul Miller, President of The Mill-Rose Company, Dies at age 72

PDF Brush Manufacturers from Around the World Attend Mill-Rose Luncheon in Cleveland

PDF New Blue Monster® Copper Anti-Seize Thread Sealant Designed for Extreme Conditions

PDF New Blue Monster® Compression Seal Tape Stops Problem Leaks Without Turning Off Water Source

PDF Blue Monster® Drain Banger Devours Hair, Grease, Soap, Oils and Organic Matter in Less Than 60 Seconds

PDF Blue Monster® Thread Sealing Compounds - 2oz. Squeeze Tubes

PDF Quick-Release Pliers

PDF Mill-Rose 52nd Annual Golf Outing

PDF Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize Compound

PDF Blue Monster Products Website

PDF Mill-Rose 49th Annual Luncheon

PDF Blue Monster™

PDF Easy-Cut Jaws™

PDF New Catalog

PDF Razorback™

PDF 3-Wrap Tape

PDF Power-Deuce Brush

PDF Quick-Twist +

PDF RINGCRUSHER™ Decrimping Tool

PDF Soft Twist Brush